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A horrific plague has turned most of the world's population into mindless, ravenous psychopaths. Assault teams from super corporations war over the ruined cities, while Blacklight agents are sent in to hold the line against the infected.

Onslaught expands Blacklight: Retribution with new game modes, new maps, and new weapons. Hold off waves of infected in the new four-player co-op Onslaught mode, or fight for supremacy over the new Metro and Safehold maps. If you need a little extra punch, the Blacklight engineers have added the legendary AK-470 and M4X to the available arsenal.

Get in-game to claim eternal glory with Blacklight contests, including a fan art extravaganza and a hardcore competition for the best stats and kill records. The world's already ended, agents. Now all that's left is to survive the Onslaught!

Onslaught Expansion Now Live!

Happy first anniversary, Blacklight -- the Onslaught expansion is now live! Patch up and play now to experience the new Onslaught survival mode, three new maps and more!

Onslaught Expansion Overview

Still curious about what’s in the upcoming Onslaught expansion? Get an overview in this preview of the biggest changes!

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